Discover France cycling

With the economic crisis and especially the ecological crisis, ecological holidays are booming. This is the case of bicycle trips. Economical means of travel, the bike can discover landscapes without spending a single euro, if not in the rental touring bike. Of course, it will put gas in the engine: feed in order to eat up the miles. But it is also a mode of travel that allows you to be in perfect harmony with nature without emitting pollution. Your carbon footprint is perfectly neutral, regardless of the number of kilometers traveled.

Cycling holidays, it is also a great way to restore your health and possibly lose weight effectively. Indeed, the heart rate when traveling in general is that for optimal calorie consumption. So cheap holiday, ecological, and more help make sport while discovering beautiful landscapes? Why miss out? Especially since France is the ideal country to do so. You can borrow many hiking trails, numerous bike lanes marked and secured.

cycling holidays france

The traveler bike with you and organize your trip bike.

The traveler bike organizes for you all your biking holidays in France. Whatever the choice of the region or department, your route will be concocted by two specialists in cycling in France Eugenie and Berengaria. Pays de la Loire, Brittany, Atlantic Coast, Canal du Midi, French Alps ... Each wanted a tested route and steps to suit your needs and your physical condition. The accommodation is not left out and adapts meanwhile your budget, with several options in terms of comfort and equipment. The selection of accommodation is in any case made with attention: nice and comfortable, safe for storing bikes and equipment, staff briefed on the purpose of your stay...

A 100%! traveler satisfaction

Browse France cycling is an unforgettable experience. Feel in perfect harmony with nature, choose the pace of walking, stop whenever you want. All these things make your trip remain in your memory ... and you ask for more! Our clients are in most cases completely satisfied with their trip! With family, with friends, groom, discover the French territory on two wheels!

Another plus:

There are a large number of event mobile application to track your journey and see your route later in the day. You can follow your route, look at your performance and involve stops made with different pictures you take during your trip points.